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The Frogger

Jono Hooper

I currently work as an Environmental Scientist/Ecologist on the Sunshine Coast. Prior to beginning my career, I studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast where I also spent a year studying frogs for my Honours degree. When not at work, I love frogging around, mostly on my own adventures with friends. I have also volunteered with various environmental organisations and departments' frog monitoring programs and met people who share similar interests. I'm privileged to be serving as the President of the QLD Frog Society Inc. where I also volunteer as the Editor and Web Admin. Outside of that, I enjoy co-leading a youth group, photography and spending time in the great outdoors with my wife.

Now what's this website all about, you ask?

FroggingAround.com was initially created to present some of my frog photography, but also serve as a beginner's guide to what frogging is, some species to expect within South-east QLD and provide general information on frogs. Two years later, I re-developed the website to provide visitors with more comprehensive information on frogs and related topics, including profiles of many SE QLD frog species. This includes photos of variation within species and records of frog calls. The hope is that this website will be a go-to resource for people wanting to learn about our diverse variety of frogs.

Please let me know what you think of this site. Constructive criticism is welcome as is positive feedback! Don't hesitate to email me with any questions on frogs either.

Jono Hooper